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NJMCdirect Bill Payment 2021 – Pay New Jersey Traffic Tickets Online

Well then, your search comes to an end. You’ve found help. In this article, we will let you know how to pay bills on NJMCdirect. This article is dedicated to those who find it difficult to pay their bills, especially for the first time. Usually, all it takes is one-time guidance to get used to it.

How To Pay Traffic Tickets on NJMCdirect?

First things first, to pay your bills online you will need a few things and details. Then you will have to follow our instructions to access the website and pay bills. We will let you know how you can process your payment and pay for your tickets. Let’s start with the things and details required first.

Things And Details Required

Below is a list of things and details that you will need during the process of paying your ticket.

  • A smartphone, laptop, tablet, PC or any device through which you can access a browser.
  • And to access a browser, you will need an internet connection.
  • License Plate Number
  • Ticket Number
  • Ticket Prefix
  • Court ID
  • Credit or Debit card

Recommended Browsers

The NJMCdirect recommends you to use one of the below browsers.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Netscape
  • AOL


So the process to pay your bills on the website is very simple. If you are used to a smartphone or laptop, then this will be a piece of cake to you. Even if you are not used to these gadgets, don’t worry. We will walk you through the process. Just follow the below instructions one by one.

  • First, you have to connect your device to an internet connection.
  • Then you have to visit the official site of NJMCdirect. The web address for which is
  • After visiting the survey site, your screen will look like the image below.

  • Here you can see the information about the details that you have to keep ready which we have already provided above.
  • Click on ‘continue’ and you will land in the below page.

  • To start with, first, you have to enter the Court ID.
  • Then you have to enter ‘Ticket Prefix, Ticket Number and License Plate Number.
  • After entering all the details, click on continue and you will land in the ticket payment portal.
  • All your tickets will be displayed here. You have to select the bill and you can carry out the payment using the payment method of your choice.
  • Along with the ticket price, you will have to pay some Convenience Fee. Details about that are given below.

NJMCdirect – Convenience Fee

The amount of convenience fee will depend upon the amount of Penalty Amount. Higher the penalty amount higher the convenience fee. This fee is called a convenience fee because it is much convenient to pay your ticket online than offline.

  • For a Penalty Amount of $1.00 – $40.00, a Convenience Fee of $1.00 will be added to the payment.
  • For a Penalty Amount of $41.00 – $87.00, a Convenience Fee of $2.00 will be added to the payment.
  • For a Penalty Amount of $88.00 – $200.00, a Convenience Fee of $3.00 will be added to the payment.
  • For a Penalty Amount of >$200.00, a Convenience Fee of $4.00 will be added to the payment.

Why Should We Prefer Paying Bills Online?

So why one has to prefer paying their bills online? What makes online payments so special? We will let you know. First things first, as you already know, it saves a lot of time and effort. Paying a bill offline will take a lot of time and physical effort. On the other hand, you can pay your bills by a few taps of your fingers. Not only bills, but you can also make payments from you are to where you want whenever you want.

Most importantly, the majority of adults think that online payments are not foolproof. But in reality, the online payment portals that are managed by the government and corporates are highly secure. So your personal and bank details are completely private. You don’t have to worry about losing any money from your bank.

Also paying bills online will make it less messy and easy to keep track of your bills. It will basically take zero paperwork and all that messy business. You can just add up your bills on your phone using your bank statement. Fast, secure and convenience are three main reasons why you should prefer paying bills online. Online payments are the future.

About NJMCdirect

NJMCdirect is a division of the New Jersey Judiciary website. NJMCdirect is the fast, secure, and convenient way to access traffic ticket information and pay fines online. In order to access ticket information online, the traffic ticket and license plate numbers must be readily available. A traffic ticket is generally issued for violating the traffic rules of that particular area.

NJMCdirect is initiated to make traffic ticket payments easy for the citizens. And, you can view your traffic ticket on between 1 to 4 days after it is issued. The website lets you pay bills within minutes using the payment method of your choice. The tagline of NJMCdirect is Independence, Integrity, Fairness, Quality Service.

NJMCdirect Working Hours

So here are the opening and closing times of NJMCdirect. You can make payments between these time periods.

  • Monday to Thursday: From 7:30 am to 11:45 pm (EST)
  • Friday: From 7:30am to 10:45pm (EST)
  • Saturday: From 7:30am to 3:45pm (EST)
  • Sunday: From 1:00pm to 11:45pm (EST)

NJMCdirect Customer Care

And before we leave you, we wanna provide you with the contact details of NJMCdirect’s customer care team. If you have any doubt and queries or if you want help paying your tickets, you can call them out on the below number and get help.

  • NJMCdirect Customer Service Number: 973 284 4945

Well then, our article also comes to an end. To sum up, we leave you with the hope that our article helped you pay for your ticket. Do let us know your view about our article by writing in the comments section below. We look forward to the next time to help you out. Thank you for your time. Peace.

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